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This powerful, multi-threaded newsreader fully supports all Usenet text and binary newsgroups
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Dan Cumpian
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8 September 2012

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Newsman Pro is an effectual application that will enhance the way you used to read news article in Usenet i.e. distributed discussion system. Newsman provides an exceptional medium for reading text newsgroups and allows storing the articles in the database so that you can retrieve them anytime later. It offer fine support to binary newsgroups and to prevent CPU usage, it decodes the encoded messages like Mime, yEnc and UUE. All the news headers that have Diablo’s XFEATURE and Astraweb’s XZVER compression protocol support can be downloaded in large amount. Interface of the application is professionally built and looks innate giving you the ability in browsing as well as downloading from Usenet extremely amusing. Even third party skinning programs such as Windwblinds and Style XP works well with it.

The utility has got multi-server support proffering you the knack for downloading headers from the best news server and get the articles downloaded from any server you want to. Further prioritizing of servers and compatibility with encrypted SSL connections give much more support in it. NZB files support that Newsman Pro has aids in importing end number of messages from within. Robust multi-thread architecture it posses assists in not just downloading and header processing but also automation, attachment processing, scheduling tasks etc. Those servers which provides limited download can be monitored as per usages by it easily. Automation of tasks like initiating and termination Queue, deleting and marking of article, adjusting bandwidth limiter etc. is available with it. Alongside, the application also offers the ability in subscribing newsgroups into virtual newsgroups, also known as Workgroups.

Newsman Pro is very reliable application and will offer you to read news articles in most effectual form. As you will register the too, you will receive unlimited upgrades effectively. It wins a rating of three stars for its well thought out feature set.

Publisher's description

This powerful, multi-threaded newsreader fully supports all Usenet text and binary newsgroups. Handles multiple servers seamlessly using server priorities and/or as discrete "private" news servers. Uses "virtual groups" for newsgroup subscription allowing you to browse related newsgroups simultaneously. Unique expiration-based Queue ensures that requested articles are retrieved in a timely fashion. The Queue has 9 levels of priority. Powerful user-defined filtering, Automation, Scheduling, Par2 verify/repair, Rar extraction and full NZB file support make this newsreader a valuable addition to your Internet tools.
Newsman Pro
Newsman Pro
Version 3.0.7
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